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Monglia indoor playground
Monglia indoor playground

On October of 2012, a customer from Mongolia sent an inquiry to us. She is looking for two indoor playground for her kindergarten. She is totally new to buy goods from China. We talked for almost half an year and then on June of 2013, she place the order. During the half of a year, we taught her how to import goods, how to find a shipping agent at her end to clear the goods and how to install the indoor playground.

As it is the first time she import the goods, she spends a lot of time in learning the policy. She even worry about the installation. Because the indoor playground looks very complicated. But after we send her many videos and installation guide about the indoor playground, she is very confident about it and then place the order with us.

When she receive the goods, she even open a course to teach her students how to play in the indoor playground. She said when she finished installing the indoor playground, her students can not wait to play in it. She is very happy.







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