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Main problem to buy different goods from china

What is the main problem for the client who buy the different goods from china?
During the 10 years,we specialized in selling indoor playground(soft play) and outdoor playground(playground equipment,playground system).

For this business line(playground equipment) which is different from other business such as shoes, clothes and other traditional business line.

Our business line(playground)may need to buy many kinds of different playground and play toys.
Then here comes the question: different items(play system,playground) in different situations(volumn, place, contact person).

The customer may think: what i can do? where i can send the goods together? And who can help me to do all the things?



Last month, i went to guangzhou to meet one customer who buy the different playground(slide,play machine,indoor playground) from china,specially from guangzhou and wenzhou (lejian company).

He told me that he always buy different playground and game machines in different factory, but mostly the items not enough for the container,  he always waste the space of container.
this client also asked someone to inspect the goods(playground equipment, clothes, electrical products)and collect the goods in different place before.
He paid for the commission.but most of time, the inspector just took the money and did not check the goods carefully as required.
so money is the devil to cause the crisis of confidence between the buyer and inspector.
The buyer would have contradiction: they are more likely to inspect the goods by themselves,
they take more time and more money to do the business and nothing can be changed.
I want to ask a question: what do you do when you buy different items in different place?  and how to confirm the quality?
Please read the next article to find the lejian company solution for this problem.

2015-05-22 10:22:24
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