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Wenzhou network operators Daren Race

  There was an orphan, sojourn in relatives, she became a burden. Fortunately, she had a sister, let her finish smoothly. In the second year of graduate, founded the LeJian amusement equipment co., LTD., after 8 years of efforts, from the initial performance of 0 to 1000 w now, this is the legendary 20000 yuan.

  On May 20, 2013, alibaba company held version of wenzhou's got talent, very active program, tells the story of eight years of entrepreneurial growth. Salute to hard entrepreneurship after 80 colleagues, I hope this story can give more and more people to encourage.

  Walked so far, a lot of times we forget the past. I now is a little far away from his childhood, but the memory of childhood is very profound, and has been inspiring me better growth. Can create good environment for the children, the children have a happy childhood, is when I just created the company's commitment to yourself.


2015-05-22 09:24:52
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