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2016 South Africa Exhibition Summary

Summary Report of South Africa Exhibition

1. Prepare for the Exhibition


1)Searching customers

We search our target customers via google, linkedin, facebook and so on. Collating the customers information into one file, delete the repeated information.(because we may seach out the same information).


2)Analyze customers

We analyze the customers information. Through the information, we can see customers websites, products, and then we will know what kind of the customers belongs to, like makers, distributors, or final customers and so on.


3)Contact customers

After analyzing the customersinformation, we move to the next step: contact customers.There are two ways to contact the customers: email and phone.From the information, we can get the customers email address and phone number. Then we send email and call the phone. Some customers will refused you immadiately, some customers will ask you to send him the catalog and price list. Sign the customers who refused you. Because some of them may have the suppliers already, some are manufactories, and others maybe think the quality from china is just so so. So we can contact them later.


4)Make an appointment with the customers

Finishing contacted the cusotmers, we get the result and can make an appointment with the customers who asked for the catalog and price list.Telling the customers the Expo address, time and hotel address. Check if customers have the time to come to our booth. If customers dont have time to come, we ask them if they have time to have a meeting with us at their company. We can have a visit to their company.(need to prepare the catalog, price list and gift)



Everything gets ready, we need to do the schedule. Which day we should meet which customer. Some will meet before exhibition, others will meet after exhibition. Maybe they will have a visit to our booth. So we need the schedule to get everything ready.


6) Air ticket and hotel

After do the schedule, we should order the air ticket and hotel. If dont order ealier, the air ticket will be sell out. And there is no room of the hotel.(air ticker and hotel should order as earlier as we can)



Now we need to prepare the things for the exhibition.


Wall picture, roll up Banner: because our products are too big to take to the exhibition, so we cant take them. We need to take the wall picture, roll up banner, the things easy to take. But the products in wall picture and roll up banner must be clear.Highlight the products which we want to promote.


Model: our products are too big, so we need the model to show to our customers. The model is total almost the same to our real products, but the size is very small, we can put it in our bags. Customers can directly see from the model which parts including, how to install it. It will also help customers easy to install with real products.


Catalog and brochure: mainly to publicity our products. When there is a customer want to have a sit and talk for details, then we should prepare the catalog. Customers can see from our catalog what products do we have.Brochure: do four pages, then to distribute to attract more customers to visit our booth.


Bags: it is convenient for customers to take our catalog.


Candies: to attract the customers to come in our booth


Survey form: record the customers information


Clothing: uniform clothes


Name card: change the name card with customers at the exhibition


Price list: give the customer price when customer asked


Gift: give the customers a small gift, they will feel very happy.


Take photo: take photo with customers, when send them the email, and send the photo together, they will remember you


Exhibition theme: have a theme for the exhibition


Embellishment: getting your booth looks different from others


Others: calculator, staple and so on.


2. Exhibition situation


We arrived Johannesburg at 3rd August. 4th go to the exhibition to ornament the booth.

The exhibition time is from 5th to 7th .

First day, it looks good, there are some cusotmers come to our booth.

But in second and third day, there are almost no one come.

The customers are not looks real customers. They always say: we just have a look if we have the chance to do business together.

Also there are so many holidays there.


After exhibition, we have a visit to our customers on 8th and 10th .


3. South Africa human situation


South Africa belongs to africa. There are a lot of black people.It is not so safe. So parents always keep the kids inside the house, dont let them play outside.

The people in South Africa is not hard working. You cant reach them out of the working time. So they will reply the email after a long time.


4. Market

There is a big market of the small types outdoor playground for home use.

Because every family has a big yard in their house.

But the price should not to be very expensive.



5. Products

small types outdoor playground for home use


6. Design

Easy design outdoor playground, one platform, one slide, one swing.



Normal price


8.Customers situation

Get a lots information of the customers

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