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Luxury uesful pretty convenient plastic swing sets (QQ1501-9)
Luxury uesful pretty convenient plastic swing sets (QQ1501-9)
Item code: QQ1501-9
Material: galvanized pipes
Age group: 3-8 year old
Chain: steel with rubber covering
Capicity: 2 children

About pipe shape of swing set kits,there are A-type swing and H-shape swing and other shapes.

The swing set slide is according to you such as straight slide,wave slide,s-slide.We also can change the slide color.

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If you want, playground swing set can be combinated with other equipment like climbing equipment.

It's a good way to put a cedar swing sets in your home backyard, your children can invite their friends to your home to play.

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Lejian amusement toys co.,ltd will let all the customer do easy business with us.

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