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Big Silde Outdoor Climbing Net Body Building Equipment(LJ16-234A)
Big Silde Outdoor Climbing Net Body Building Equipment(LJ16-234A)
Item code: LJ16-234A
Color: multi color
Material: rosewood, galvanized pipes, nylon rope with steel inside, plastic
Type: outdoor playground combined with the rope tower

Product Description

This is a new outdoor body building equipment design.It is not funny but also beautiful.

It belongs to rope course equipment, it can exercise children's courage.

The outdoor body building equipment is one of the most popular products in the world.

The outdoor body building equipment has a great effect on improving the children's stakina and the intensity of the muscle. To make the body strong and healthy.

The rope tower allows children to maintain body stability, which increases security of movement and playground safety. Thanks to its design, children need to navigate a play structure with only one free limb off the playground. Therefore, a child must at all times employ either two hands and one foot, or one hand and two feet. Thus, Climbinet play structures ensure that children always feel safe and stable as they play.

Playground safety starts with kids feeling stable and comfortable on the play structure. Therefore, the rope tower went beyond the industry standard by upgrading from 12mm rope to 16mm playground net rope. The extra little bit makes a huge difference, as kids find that the larger ropes are easier to hold and climb on. Additionally, they provide boost playground safety by creating a narrower gap between ropes, thus ensuring better fall protection. Climbinet’s 16mm diameter playground net ropes are standard on every one of Climbinet’s play structures.

Lejian Outdoor Body Building Equipment brings a stronger body to the children who use it.

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climbing net

climbing net

climbing net



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